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Welcome Back

Congratulations to our Class of 2018 and we wish all our students all the very best in their search for employment opportunities for entry into the university courses they have applied to.

APHS had some outstanding HSC results. There were particular subjects which performed extremely well and are deserving of a mention. In Community and Family Studies students in the top 2 bands were above state average. Ancient History was equally impressive with 6 students earning a Band 5 which put the school again above state average. Legal Studies had 3 students gaining a Band 6 and 8 Band 5 which meant the school equalled state average in these top two bands and they exceeded state average in Band 4 with 10 students achieving this result. The English Advanced results showed enormous promise with the school on par with state average in Band 5. Music attained 1 Band 6 and had no students achieving Band 1 or 2 and this was duplicated in Visual Arts. Society and Culture had 3 students achieve a Band 6 and 7 students with Band 5 and again no students attaining a Band 1 or 2.

Students studying Mathematics Extension 1 & 2 out performed the state E3 (the second top band) while students in Mathematics in 2018 where above state average in Bands 4 & 5 with 3 students achieving Band 6.

This year we had 13 students who were on the Distinguished Achievers list. Congratulations and well done to: Evert Chan, Ashley Chandar, Huimin Chen, Lillian Du, Yuwei He, Victoria Jaricha, Prisha Lal, Jie Liu, Chelsea Mangiliman, Waliullah Mohammad, Dwija Panchal, Dorothy Tagle and Shaheda Yaqubi.


We welcome new staff to our school in 2019. Mr Raymond Montalban joins the TAS faculty and Ms Shefali Shad replaces Mrs Vuong in the Maths Faculty. Ms Reilly-Brown will be joining the PDHPE faculty replacing Mrs King who has taken up an appointment at Cameraygl HS. 

Later this term merit selection panels for the position of HT PDHPE and Maths will be run. In the meantime Mr Howie will continue to supervise the PDHPE faculty while Ms Sisko will look after Maths with Mrs Kiaos moving to Asquith Girls HS at the end of last year.

At the beginning of this term Ms Malcolm our HT Admin will be on leave and Mrs Weeks will be taking on her duties while she is on leave.

Lauretta Claus