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Stage 5 Course Information

Stage 5 student study a mixture of different types of subjects. Compulsory courses are studied by all students for year 9 and 10. X and Y line electives will be studied for both year 9 and 10 and will be recorded on a Students Record of School Achievement (ROSA) (this excludes iSTEM).

Z line electives are a new initiative at APHS for 2022. This will be a ONE year course (100 Hours) that will be discontinued in Year 10 and NOT recorded on a students ROSA. They are interest based and designed to address learning areas not currently covered in other subjects.


Course Description

Students of English in Stage 5 at Arthur Phillip High School learn to read, enjoy, understand and appreciate the variety of texts to which we are constantly exposed. Students also write texts that are imaginative, interpretive, critical and powerful.

What will students learn about?

Students study books, films, radio, television, newspapers, the internet and Multimedia. The texts give students experience of Australian literature, insights into Aboriginal experiences and multicultural experiences in Australia and literature from other countries and times.

Students also study texts that give experience of cultural heritages, popular cultures and youth cultures, picture books, everyday and workplace texts, a range of social, gender and cultural perspectives. Students must undertake the study of Shakespearean drama at this level.

What will students learn to do?

The work that is completed in English allows students to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding so that they can use language and communicate appropriately and effectively for a range of purposes and audiences, in a range of contexts. They learn to think in ways that are imaginative, interpretive and critical. They learn to express themselves and their relationships with others and the world. Students learn the ability to reflect on their learning in English.