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Arthur Phillip HS - Remote Learning Highlights

August 19, 2021

Year 9 Engineering and Design Technology


The video below shows the Goldberg Machine of Hope Project.


HSC Music Exemplar Performance

Shreyansh Shrestha is one of Mr Staines' HSC Music students who plays the acoustic guitar. Last week, he submitted 3 contrasting pieces of music for his trial HSC task. This piece of music is called Taberna and is played in a Spanish style. Shreyansh is to be commended for the perseverance he has shown during remote learning as he has continued to practise his guitar to fulfil his potential.

July 21, 2021

Ms Bradley is currently teaching Year 7 who are learning about art in Ancient Egypt. Students have been exploring the colours, symbols and patterns of Egypt in their work. During remote learning, students have been reviewing their knowledge of content discussed before the holidays and developing their Art Critical assessment task responses. 

This week students are looking at Death Masks and drawing their own using a reference image. In this video, Ms Bradley uses a reference image of the Death Mask of Tutankhamun, focusing on shape and proportion. Students will submit their own drawings, ready to add symbols and patterns next lesson!

Ms Bradley is currently teaching Year 8 who are learning about Pop Art. Students have been exploring the practice of artists such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. During remote learning, students have been considering popular culture and the role of the celebrity. 

This week students are starting to plan a portrait of a celebrity that inspires them. In this video, CAPA teacher Ms Bradley shows her planning drawing of performer Lady Gaga. Students are watching this video and then working on their own preliminary drawing, ready to develop this into a pop art style drawing next lesson!

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